Blue Institute Academic Advisory Lead


Captain Breezy Grenier


Breezy is an ocean scientist by education, and mariner, educator, and entrepreneur by trade. After serving four years in the United States Coast Guard, she received her master’s from the University of Rhode Island where she studied geology and geological oceanography, marine biology, and underwater archaeology. A licensed boat captain, Breezy serves as the captain of several vessels from research, fishing, diving and service support, to eco-tourism. She is the Technical Director of an amateur sailing team, and instructs snowboarding, scuba diving, and boating. Breezy is not only a member of the Explorers Club and a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society, she is also a member of the Sedna Epic Expedition, an all-female team of sea women, planning on completing a historic snorkel relay of the Northwest passage.

Breezy uses her unique combinations of knowledge and experience to relay theoretical and practical understanding of what she sees at sea, whether it be disappearing sea ice and stress to the wildlife, to plastic pollution found everywhere.  To help relay her message and inspire the next generation, she is the founder of Scientists are Superheroes Too, which is to help change the scientist stereotype, and focuses on getting children to go outside, explore, and play sports, engaging and empowering youth to climate actions, and promote healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyles. She is also an academic advisory lead for the "Blue Semester" at the Blue Institute, advising on internships, experiential learning, and ocean sciences.  Breezy is the founder of Eco-Elders, which promotes connecting generations, creating a knowledge exchange focusing on [home] maker skills, aimed at reducing and reusing habits to combat our ocean plastics problem.