Blue Institute academic advisory lead


Ellen Douglas, PhD

  Ellen Douglas, PhD is the Associate Dean School and Professor of Hydrology for the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is a hydrologist and an engineer whose research utilizes computer modeling and data analysis to define and support sustainable management policies and practices related to water resources and climate change adaptation. For more than a decade, Ellen Douglas and her UMass Boston colleague Professor Paul Kirshen have been working with the City of Boston and other coastal communities to address vulnerability to coastal flooding and to develop climate resilient strategies. In 2016, as recipients of the prestigious Norman Leventhal Excellence in City Building Award, their efforts with the the Climate Ready Boston initiative were recognized. Most recently, Douglas and Kirshen led the Boston Research Advisory Group (BRAG), which evaluated the climate change impacts specific to Boston. The BRAG report initiated and informed the city’s Climate Ready Boston strategies. In addition, among other publications, they co-authored Climate Change and Extreme Weather Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Options for the Central Artery and Preparing for the Rising Tide, highly influential reports. Douglas and Kirshen are currently expanding their research for a broader climate report encompassing the Greater Boston area, collaborating with UMass Boston’s Urban Harbors Institute and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.