Blue institute academic advisory lead


Jennifer Bender, Ph.D.

 A Boston based environmental scientist Dr. Bender is actively involved in bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, the public and other stakeholders when it comes to issues relating to the marine environment and our coastal zones. She is the Executive Director of the Marine Studies Consortium. The Marine Studies Consortium teaches courses in marine and aquatic sciences and other topics. Dr. Bender also writes a blog for Community Voices on on issues pertaining to the environment and a quarterly column for Edible Vineyard on Healthy Oceans.

Dr. Bender is a consultant to a variety of organizations including the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and Stellwagen Alive a Foundation for Our National Marine. Jennifer holds a Master's degree in Administration and a Ph.D. In Geography and Environmental Science. She teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and has an initial appointment as a Faculty Lecturer at Boston University.