blue institute board of directors


Julia Curtis

Ms. Curtis is a recognized leader in the fields of climate change, business strategy and government relations. Julia has over two decades of experience working with governments, private industry, academia, and international organizations such as the International Energy Agency, FAO, and International Renewable Energy on communications, negotiations, strategy and teambuilding. Her main specialization has been in the energy, agriculture, climate change and environment sectors where she has 

been publicly recognized for her leadership, project management and communication abilities. Julia led one of the first US EPA Water Rights Treaties with Mexico. Ms. Curtis received a master’s degrees in international economics, and energy and environmental policy from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and New York University with dual bachelor’s in art history and political science. Julia has consulted on energy, technology, agriculture and environmental projects in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has published articles on climate and renewable energy and is often asked to speak at Industry Conferences. A life-long passion for civics and education and serves as a Director of the Junior Statesmen Foundation. Trilingual in English, French and Italian Julia loves to sail and to row Venetian boats. She lives in Venice, Italy with her daughter Cornelia.