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Michael Passow, Ph.D.

 Dr. Michael Passow is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Research Scientist at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory in Yorktown Heights, NY. He codeveloped the Environmental Monitoring and Management cyberinfrastructure for The Jefferson Project at Lake George, NY, a state-of-the-art systems approach to problem solving fuses monitoring, modeling, simulation, forecasting and experimentation. This powerful combination of tools will inform and compel smart decision-making to secure ecosystem resilience in the face of long-term pressures from climate change and intensifying human use. Dr. Passow is currently leading the strategy for solution integration with IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) and The Weather Company (TWC) businesses. He is also leading the effort to translate, scale and commercialize the environmental insights modeling and IoT / cutting edge analytics and monitoring technologies for other opportunities.