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Isabel Allende, Chilean-American writer


"We need a global approach to this from all sides. We need to educate people, we need the scientists to create new technologies, we need the engineers to create the networks, we need every human being to be aware of how precious water is and save it. Everybody has to be involved in a very firm and assertive way.”

Benjamin Franklin - American Author, Innovator, Statesman

"When the well runs dry, we will know the value of water."

Audrey Hepburn - Actor, UN Spokesperson

"Water is life and clean water means health."

Wangari Maathai - Kenyan Environmentalist and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"When resources are degraded, we start competing for them, whether it is at the local level in Kenya, where we had tribal clashes over land and water, or at the global level, where we are fighting over water, oil, and minerals. So one way to promote peace is to promote sustainable management and equitable distribution of resources."


"Boat Meadow"

Painting by Jose Montanez, 2015, 

Loren Eiseley - American Anthropologist, Educator, Philosopher, and Natural Science Writer

"If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water"


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