Blue Institute Board of Directors


Tyrone Benskin

 Mr. Benskin has been a significant presence on the Canadian and International cultural landscape for over thirty years. He is an acclaimed Actor / Director with well over hundred film, television projects as well as being a published composer, songwriter and recording artist. For over two decades Tyrone has also been a vocal advocate of Canadian expression through the arts and believes whole-heartedly in its importance as a social pillar. To that end, he has served as National-Vice President of ACTRA. 

In 2011 Mr. Benskin was elected to the 41st Parliament of Canada. As a Member of Parliament in Canada’s House of Commons, Mr. Benskin was appointed Official Opposition Critic - Heritage Canada and Deputy Critic – 

Official Languages. He was also appointed to the Sub-committee on International Human Rights. From hearing testimony of international human rights abuses to working on issues such as food security and access as well as the issue of the lack of availability of clean water on Canada’s First Nation’s and Inuit Reserves. “Climate change isn’t simply an election banner, it’s a human rights issue.”