A global hub for excellence in water education, research, and innovation.


Board of Directors

Robert Cioleck

Financial Consultant, 

Cape Cod Commission 

City of Boston: (Former) 

Chief Operating Officer, 

and Executive Director 

Boston Water & Sewer Commission 

Elizabeth R. Harder

Elizabeth R. Harder was born and raised in NYC, working in advertising,  theatre management, strategic fundraising, and co-founded Sunflower Hills Productions, based in Milford, PA.  An advocate for the environment, she also works with the Cape Women's Coalition to increase women's participation in public service. 

Yuki Allyson Honjo, PhD

COO McLane Research Laboratories

Located in East Falmouth, Massachusetts McLane Research Laboratories, Inc., 

 was founded in 1983 to provide advanced time-series samplers and engineering design services to the international oceanographic community.

Judith Underwood

Blue Institute Founder  

Social Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Educator, and a Mom. Curriculum and Program Development. Science and Technology for Social, Environmental, and  Economic Development


Mark Watson

CEO and Founder of Keel Asset Management

Social and Environmental Impact Investing headquartered in Chicago

Our Academic Advisory Leads

Robyn Hannigan, PhD

Founding Dean School for the Environment

University of Massachusetts Boston

David Reckhow, PhD

 Environmental Engineering and Wastewater Resources Group, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jim Bellingham, PhD

Director, Marine Robotics

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute WHOI

Toby Stapleton, PhD, MBA

Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Programs, Salve Regina University